Thursday, January 06, 2005


Last night we were doing a Bible study on Conflict Resolution based on the life of Joseph. We talked about his dreams and his wisdom, or the lack thereof, in sharing them with his brothers. Then I asked how we today use our dreams for the future as a weapon to generate conflict with others in our life.

We made the observation that everyone has dreams for their future, no matter how young or old. They may not be able, or willing, to articulate their dreams well, but they still have them. Those who have no dreams despair even of living. Then I opened my mouth and these words came out, "Dreams are the flowers that grow in the field of hope." I do not know if these words originated with me or if I borrowed them from someone else, but either way, I loved the description.

Since I have been reading from Buechner lately, I remember a quote from him about despair...

Despair has been called the unforgivable sin - not presumably because God refuses to forgive it but because it despairs of the possibility of being forgiven. - Wishful Thinking (Page 19)

I hope that if you feel despair you will reach out and pick a dream flower from Jesus' field of hope! Believing is not easy, but it is life changing...

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