Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Where is Security Found?

People want to feel secure. And not just to feel it, but to actually be secure. Yet security is a very difficult thing to achieve. The normal recipe for security offered by traditional wisdom - wealth, power, friends, health - is too often found to be of little help in providing true security.
Jesus offers a radically different approach to security. Jesus claims that being faithful to him brings security, while avoiding dangerous situations will not. Jesus claims that trusting God to provide for our needs will lead to security, while trusting our riches will not. Jesus claims that being watchful and ready for his return will provide security, while pursuing our selfish interests will not. Jesus claims that choosing to follow him even when it puts us at odds with those we love will make us secure, while following those we love in rejecting Jesus will not. Jesus claims that keeping our relationships honest and peaceful, as far as it is possible from our side, will lead to security, while defending our pride will not.
It takes faith to trust that Jesus is right about the source of our true security. We tend to trust things we can touch and hold in our hands. Jesus says those are the very things that will fail us. You will trust something for your security, the only question is “Will you trust Jesus?”

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