Sunday, February 06, 2005

Dead Sea Scrolls

In late January my family and I went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls in Mobile, Alabama. If you are within a days drive of Mobile, I highly recommend that you make the trip. I was impressed with the quality of the displays serving to set the scene for the scrolls. There was a great deal of pottery and other artifacts that served to introduce the world of both the Scriptures and the Dead Sea Scrolls. When we got to the scrolls themselves the kids were tired and Dima especially was ready to move on to something exciting. I, however, was in artifact heaven. Seeing the Isaiah scroll and noticing that the tetragrammaton (the Hebrew consonants for God) was in a different script every time it occurred was amazing! It really put me in touch with the land and the reality of the biblical world. While I do not think the scrolls are capable of producing faith, I know that at least in me, they were capable of strengthening my faith.

One caution, my seven year old son, Dima, was quite disappointed with the scrolls because he said, "I thought we were going to see the Dead Sea Squirrels!"

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